About Us

About Us

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Welcome To Cyber Radar University

Cyber Radar University is the best training destination for you and your team. Here you can Master Cyber Security techniques such as Vulnerability Management, Certified Ethical Hacking, IT Security Auditor, Security Analyst, Security Consultant, Security Auditor, SOX, IT Auditor, Reverse Engineering, and much more.

Who We Are – Cyber Radar University

We are a globally reputed company, engaged in offering security solutions to corporate sectors such as Information Technology, Banking & Finance, Health care, Travel etc, in addition to manufacturing and service oriented companies in varied industrial verticals.

Our core team has more than 30 years of experience in the areas of Information Technology, IT Security & Compliance, IT Management & Program Management.

Considering the need to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the invaluable information systems, it is quintessential to have a security architecture designed in such a manner that there is an effective mechanism of monitoring the threats and plugging the vulnerabilities. Security controls must be in place to protect the systems and prevent the repercussions. Enterprise Risk management must be cohesively linked to system security.

Proper security monitoring, gap assessments, IS Security Policy, Security Metrics, IT Audit, Enterprise Security Solutions, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise IT Security and Compliance , SAP System Security & Tokenization, PeopleSoft Security and HIPAA Security, Web Application Security, Security Breach and Remediation & Enterprise Security Risk, Penetration testing, Configuration standards, Cloud Security, SaaS Security, Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) , 3rd party vendor risk assessment must be applied to assess the security levels and enhance the reliability of the systems. Best of the breed solution and remediation must be in place to counter any attack to the system.

Although it is advisable to stick to the best practices, standards, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), policies and procedures but depending upon the type of industry, sensitivity and dependence on systems it is mandatory to adhere to compliance regimes such as PCI DSS Security compliance, SOX IT Audit, ISO 27001 Security Audit, SAS 70/ SOC1/ SOS3/ SOC3 Audit.

Efficiently and effectively managed by a team of professionals that holds wide exposure and expertise in the security project implementation domain, we render our immaculate security solutions in a highly satisfied and time bound manner. Moreover, we offer our prompt post project services to clients to help them tide over the hassles in the smooth running of the security projects executed by us.

What we do

We at Cyber Radar University offer complete range of services to help you secure your systems and meet the security compliances.

Professional Services

We provide professional services of compliances, audit, risk and governance. Gap Assessments and IT Audit such as SOX IT Audit, ISO 27001 audit, SAS 70, SOC 1 ,SOC 2, SOC 3 and special assessments such as Due Diligence, PCC DSS Security compliance  are performed to identify the vulnerabilities against threats and also assess the security level compliances. A robust Enterprise Risk Management is aligned with IT Security mechanisms to achieve security objectives.

We review and chalk out Security Design, Security Architecture and IT Security Policies suited to the enterprise. Our Security services encompass a comprehensive vulnerability management, testing such as Application Security testing, Penetration Testing, Static Code Analysis and Log monitoring such as SIEM. Prevention mechanisms such as control points and execution of security configuration standards are performed to ensure efficiency of controls.

Metrics such as Security metrics, Security Threat Metrics are designed and implemented to make measurements and statistical analysis of security easier. Not only prevention techniques such as Data Loss Prevention, Identity & Access Management but also remediation, Incident response plans and wide range of security solutions is provided by us.


A proper training program raises the awareness levels and understanding of how to protect the information systems as well as prevent attacks and meet security compliances.

We provide best of the art training programs on security tools. Our training programs include trainings on Security Awareness, Security Architecture Design and Solutions, Certified Ethical Hacking, Certified Security Analysis, Certified Incident Handling, Network Security Administration etc.

We conduct trainings on testing methods such as Penetration Testing and effective usage of security management tool such as SIEM, Web Application Security and Identity – Access Management.

Our trainings on Training on Compliance, Audit, Risk and Governance Areas comprises training on IT Audit, SOX IT Audit, GLBA Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, PCI DSS Security Compliance , ISO 27001 Security Audit and  SAS 70/ SOC 1 / SOC 3 Audits.

Managed Security Services

We provide managed security services such as SOC (Security Operation Center), SIEM (Security Incident Event Management), Continuous Security Monitoring, Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 Support, Hosting Data Center, Vulnerability Management, Security Architecture Design & Solutions, Digital Forensics.

We design and implement controls and remediation such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Incident Response Plan, Identity and Access Management and DLP (Data Loss Prevention).

We also provide testing services like Penetration Testing & Application Security Testing, Static Code Analysis, Dynamic Testing, and Manual Application Testing.

We also conduct gap assessments , PCI DSS Security Compliance ,IT Audit, Risk and Governance Activities that comprises IT Audit, SOX IT Audit, GLBA Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, , ISO 27001 Security Audit and  SAS 70/ SOC 1 / SOC 3 Audits.