Practical Training Course on Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Practical Training Course on Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Practical Course for Information Security Analyst

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Concept of Information Security

Introducing the genesis of information security,

Understanding key points used in course.
What is Risk?
Steps of Risk management
Risk formula – discussion on each factor for
Risk management plans

6 Hrs.


Idea & Importance Of Vulnerability
Management (VM)

What is VM,

Role Of VM,
Why to study VM
Creating Base for understanding for VM
How to select right VM tool.
Creating students attitude towards VM (Defensive & Offensive).

8 Hrs.


Threat Points

Identifying and understanding about threat points.

Type of Threats
Type of Attacks
Network security devices
How hackers operate?

4 Hrs.


Vulnerability Assessment

Understanding of what & why vulnerability assessment is required.

Types of vulnerability,
Charting out which vulnerabilities to be targeted on priority.
Preparing Document for future reference
Most Common vulnerabilities
Steps of assessing vulnerability

4 Hrs.


Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Selection Of Tools as per requirement
Scanning Methodologies

6 Hrs.


Practical Approach to
Vulnerability Management

Precautionary measures and planning.

Scheduling and Implementation of patches for every application, middleware, services and OS.
Monitoring Vulnerabilities
Maintaining and updating vulnerability database.
How to respond to an situation of exploitation called incident by attacker.

6 Hrs.


CVE Standards

Understanding Common Vulnerabilities And Exposures Standards.

Incident Management
Security Policies

4 Hrs.


Core Impact

Study Of Core Impact

2 Hrs.

Course Method

Interactive Instructor led online course( Zoom– Interactive Instructor Led Course)

Who Can Attend the Course

MS Students ( Final Year)

BS Students ( Final Year)

Associate Degree ( Final year)

Any Non-IT or Non-System professional

Any IT or Systems Professional

Network and Security professionals

IT System Professional


IT Managers



Sales team

Course Duration Details

Course Duration: 40 Hrs.

Mentoring Session: 10 Hrs.

Total Training Hours ( Approx): 50 Hrs.

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