Cloud Pentesting on AWS

Cloud Pentesting on AWS

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The AWS confirmation will add weight to your specialized agreement and abilities in working with AWS standards.

Course Overview

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most notable cloud stages, including an assortment of in excess of 70 distributed computing administrations, covering stockpiling, organizing, process, information base, examination, application administrations, organization, and designer devices. The AWS accreditation will empower you to configuration, plan, and scale AWS usage and make ready for an energizing vocation way in the distributed computing area

This AWS confirmation course is adjusted to the most recent test delivered by AWS. It will assist you with learning the key ideas, most recent patterns, and best practices for working with the AWS engineering – and become industry-prepared. Practice tasks and three live ventures are intended to give you active involvement in the AWS executive’s comfort.

The course starts with a diagram of the AWS stage prior to jumping into its individual components: IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS, ELB, CDN, S3, EIP, KMS, Route 53, RDS, Glacier, Snowball, Cloudfront, Dynamo DB, Redshift, Auto Scaling, Cloudwatch, Elastic Cache, CloudTrail, and Security.

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Processing remaining burdens have been moving to the cloud for quite a long time. Examiners foresee that most if not all organizations will have remaining burdens out in the open and other cloud conditions in the exceptionally not so distant future. While associations that start in a cloud-first climate may in the long run move to a hybrid cloud and local server farm arrangement, cloud utilization won't diminish essentially. So with regards to evaluating danger to associations, we should be set up to survey the security of cloud-conveyed administrations. In this course, you will become familiar with the most recent entrance testing procedures zeroed in on the cloud and how to evaluate cloud conditions.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Overview of Cloud Computing

Types of Cloud Computing

Industry Overview of Cloud Computing

Services of Cloud Computing


What is Virtualization?

Overview of Virtualization

Types of Virtualization

Using Virtualization in localhost


Introduction to AWS Cloud

Introduction to AWS platform

Services of AWS

Working overview on AWS Platform


Introduction to AZURE Cloud

Introduction to AZURE platform

Services of AZURE

Working overview on AZURE Platform


Introduction to Networking on Cloud

Overview of Virtual Network

Overview of Private and Public Network

Overview of VPN and VPS

Future with Cloud Pentesting on AWS

Cloud Pentesting on AWS course will enable you to leverage your skills and migrant your firm’s existing workloads to the cloud, with us you’ll be ideal for:

  • Solutions Architects
  • Programmers
  • Cloud Developers
  • Cloud Software Engineers
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Professionals interested in hosting scalable, fault

AWS Solutions Architect Certified Professionals are needed for illuminating operational issues in an association and are likewise answerable for actualizing new programming for complex arrangement, framework, plan, and investigating of cloud arrangements. Cloud Developer, Cloud Software Engineer, AWS Solutions Architect, and DevOps Engineer are instances of occupations that require AWS confirmation.

Become a Certified Cloud Peneteration Tester

Cyber Radar University’s Cloud Peneteration Testing Platform is a practical educational institute focused on teaching beginners the skills, tools, and techniques required to get in the best job opportunity! You’ll learn everything about Cloud Penetesting in an immersive ecosystem with AWS services, creating the pentesting toolbox in the cloud, and diving deep into vulnerabilities of cloud infrastructure.

Our experts will assist you in learning how to deal with regular and unique challenges presented by cloud pentesting, such as several tenant ecosystem. We are offering you hands-on-labs so that you can practice using OSINT tools and techniques to collect information about target services and public buckets and more.

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Know where, how, and what you can learn the best to enhance the credibility of your profile, we provide you flexible training about Cloud Pentesting on AWS via an online desk, just you’ve to straighten your back and be focused to learn something valuable.

Who should attend

Penetration testers, Cloud and System administrators, Application Developers, DevSevOps Engineers, Security Consultants, and Security Analyst.


He/She should be familiar with cloud and pentesting concepts, moreover one year experience in an information security role.

Cloud Pentesting on Cloud – Intermediate level

About the Course

Importance of Course

Future after completing the course

What you will learn from the course?

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AWS Peneteration Testing focuses on access management identity configurations, user-owned assets, and integration of AWS API into the ecosystem.