Practical Training Course for Digital Forensics

Practical Training Course for Digital Forensics

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Figure out with Cyber Radar University how to examine, respond to and oversee occurrences, for example, cyber attacks, data breaches, misrepresentation or monetary violations, and vindictive action.

Practical Training Course for Digital Forensics

The field of digital forensics is sought after because of the consistent threat of information breaches and data hacks. Our computerized criminology courses walk you through prescribed procedures for everything from occurrence reaction to profound jumps into forensic computing. Gain from master creators how to recognize and remediate vulnerabilities and better impart breaches to those affected.

In the Digital Forensics Practical Training Course at Cyber Radar University, you will secure the aptitudes to accumulate advanced hints in electronic information and come to an obvious conclusion to construct a whole story.This program sets you up for a profession alleviating the risk from threats. Talk with Fortune organizations or government/law implementation offices on Forensics innovation, cyber threats, administrative/consistency, and criminal examinations just as perform digital knowledge and frameworks guard identified with cyber attacks.

Highlighted Digital Forensics Online Training

Practice your cyber security foundation and be the person who researches technology violations. Cyber Radar University's online Practical Training Course Certificate in Digital Forensics sets you up to extend your abilities for effective PC legal sciences exercises and the lawful difficulties related to directing examinations. Also, you'll pick up the essential information needed to sit for the Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) test.

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About the Course

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Future after completing the course

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Digital Forensics In today era

Introduction of Digital Forensic

Rules and Regulation

Laws and Legal Issues in India


Setting up Lab for Digital Forensic

Setting Lab for Computer Forensic

File Systems and Hard Disk Overview

Digital Media Devices

Image File Forensics Overview


Investigation on Network traffic and Logs


Intrusion Detection System

Monitoring Tools

Network Policies

Scope of course

Alumni of a computer forensics program with an advanced forensics focus may discover professions filling in as the accompanying.

  • Cybersecurity office
  • Forensic examiner
  • Crime expert
  • Business insight expert
  • Digital forensic trained professional
  • Digital forensic agent
  • Computer frameworks investigator
  • Homeland security proficient

Advanced and forensic science professionals work at government occupations, in clinical offices, and for law implementation. Since the volume of cyber attacks develops each year, these experts are kept occupied. With innovation proceeding to develop quite a long time after a year and everything going to the advanced organization, computerized crime scene investigation is a field that is not exclusively fulfilling yet continually popular.

Curriculum of course

Why learn from us

We have incorporated a bunch of discretionary and ungraded course exercises to permit self-guided students to pick up active experience. Our a-list employees join scholastic accreditations with an abundance of involvement with the field.

This program is intended to help set you up for work in government associations, the private area, and law requirement offices in the zones of PC and digital crime.

Course Essentials

Prepare for a profession in computerized crime scene investigation assessment, scientific instrument improvement, device forensic, and approval, security, and forensic logy organization, or seek after cutting edge contemplation. Gain the relational abilities, both oral and composed, to turn into a powerful issue solver just as a specialist witness and scientific inspector. Participate as a viable colleague or group pioneer in digital evidence investigations.


Law requirement experts hoping to extend into computer crime examination, Legal experts, IT and data security experts being entrusted with corporate Forensics and occurrence handling, and anyone with a longing to find out about PC forensics and build up their abilities.


Essential PC aptitudes, including the capacity or want to work outside the Windows GUI interface, are fundamental. A+ affirmation, as well as comparable preparation and experience, isn't needed, yet suggested.This is a top to bottom instructional class and isn't planned for people who have restricted or no computer skills.

Digital Forensic Course – Intermediate Level

About the Course

Importance of Course

Future after completing the course

What you will learn from the course?

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Getting a cyber radar university affirmation demonstrates to bosses that you have basic information on PC crime scene investigation over an expansiveness of related points. Turning out to be confirmed will separate you from others competing for positions in the PC legal sciences market, demonstrating that you are a talented expert focused on greatness.